British Politics and European Election 2004

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When those elected into power abuse their authority, the entire political system suffers and the integrity of democracy is eroded once again. Exposed scandals over expenses, lobbying, and revolving door issues illustrate the commonplace cross-party corruption that is taking place and confirm the widespread belief among citizens that politicians are not to be trusted.

From self-interested legislation and expenses scandals to concerns around the influence of powerful media owners distorting the decision making of UK politicians, there are wide-ranging expectations that politicians will not hesitate to put themselves before the people. The rhetoric that politics is dirty and unethical is nothing new.

European Election 12222: UK results in maps and charts

But what is being done to cleanse the system in the UK? But these are just steps and there is a long way to go. All political parties must act with urgency to demonstrate to the public that they are cleaning up politics and can be trusted. Scotland's First Minister made the comments on a visit to Dublin, where she said the "latter half" of would be the "right time" for a new poll. The SNP leader predicted victory in a second vote, with Scotland becoming "an independent country just like Ireland".

She said: "There will be another Scottish independence referendum and I will make a prediction today that Scotland will vote for independence and we will become an independent country just like Ireland, and the strong relationship between our two countries now will become even stronger soon.

She said: "We voted over 60 percent to remain, we have tried very hard in the wake of the UK-wide Brexit vote to find compromises and protect our interests, and we have worked hard across party lines to try to prevent the worst impact of Brexit, and we have been ignored. He told a press conference in central London: "The Conservative Party are bitterly divided and I consider it to be extremely unlikely that they will pick a leader who is able to take us out on the 31st October come what may. He also claimed the Labour Party are in "more trouble" than the Conservatives following the European election results.

A mid a mounting backlash over Labour's dire performance in the European elections, Jeremy Corbyn finally appears to have shifted the party's Brexit position. In a letter sent to Labour MPs, Mr Corbyn appears to have widened the scope of the party's support for a second referendum from only preventing no-deal or a 'bad Tory Brexit', to "any deal" on offer. He adds: "In Parliament our responsibility is to ensure that a Tory civil war does not push us into a no deal Brexit. We are ready to support a public vote on any deal.

I am writing to thank you for all your efforts during the European election campaign, for the support you gave to our fantastic candidates and for campaigning on our platform of bringing the country together. We were not expecting to be taking part in the European elections, but after three years of Tory failure to deliver a Brexit deal that works for the whole country, these elections became a proxy second referendum.

We ran a positive campaign attempting to bring our divided country together and to challenge the far right in Britain and across Europe. Uniting people in such circumstances was always going to be difficult and these are a deeply disappointing set of results for us. Over the coming days we will have conversations across our party and movement, and reflect on the results on both sides of the Brexit divide.

As ever, your feedback as MPs is vital and I hope you will continue to actively take part in strengthening our approach. Outreach and discussion across our Party are an essential part of charting a way forward through the Brexit crisis together, and I will be writing to all members, CLPs and affiliates to consult. Throughout the Brexit process we are the only party that has tried to appeal both to those who voted Leave and Remain, and to avoid labelling people depending on how they voted in the referendum three years ago.

European elections 2019: special live coverage on Sunday May 26th

We represent constituencies that differ in how they voted in but our common goals are the same: to bring to an end this disastrous Tory government and end austerity. Only a Labour party that stands together and sticks by our core values can succeed in delivering the radical change this country needs.

Parliament and the country are more divided than ever. We have a disintegrating government that cannot govern, the Tories are tearing themselves apart, and we have a country that has suffered from years of austerity and growing inequality. This was the worst Tory performance since They did not manage to win a single council area and are now preparing to install another unelected Prime Minister in thrall to the hard right of the Conservative party. That extreme Tory wing would like to take the UK out of the EU without a deal and over a cliff edge that would be hugely damaging for jobs and industry, living standards and rights and protections.

In Parliament our responsibility is to ensure that a Tory civil war does not push us into a No Deal Brexit. But it is also clear that the deadlock in Parliament can now only be broken by the issue going back to the people through a general election or a public vote. Only a Labour government can bring our country together, end austerity and inequality and create a society that works for the many, not the few. J ohn McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, has claimed Labour's "only option now" is to "go back to the people in a referendum". In the wake of a disastrous European elections, Mr McDonnell said that whilst Labour continued to push for a general election, the only realistic option left was to push for a public vote.

He told Sky News: "We're not going to give up on getting a general election, but that's unrealistic to expect that now, so we've got to say to people very plainly - to prevent a no deal, whatever political party you are in, join us now and try to campaign to go back to the people. Asked about the potential backlash among leave-voting Labour supporters, he continued: "I think we can win them over, there are some Labour leavers we've got to convince over the impact of a no deal.

Ian Murray and Martin Whitfield said Scottish voters had "delivered an utterly damning verdict" on the party - which lost its two MEPs from Scotland and fell from second to fifth in the polling.

Turnout - European Parliament

David Martin had been the UK's longest serving MEP, having spent 35 years in Brussels, before being voted out of office - blaming Labour's failure to take a clear stand on the crucial issue of Brexit for the result. T he Home Secretary has become the ninth MP to enter the Conservative leadership race after Theresa May announced her plan to resign last week. Mr Javid, who has held a range of ministerial posts since his election as MP for Bromsgrove in , said there was a need to "restore trust, bring unity and create new opportunities across the UK".

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The year-old, who backed Remain in the referendum but has since positioned himself as a firm Leaver, said: "First and foremost, we must deliver Brexit. Mr Javid became the first home secretary from an ethnic minority background when he was appointed in April The son of a Pakistani bus driver from Rochdale, he was a managing director at Deutsche Bank before being elected to Parliament. We need to restore trust, bring unity and create new opportunities across the UK.

First and foremost, we must deliver Brexit. Join TeamSaj to help me do just that TeamSaj pic.

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The Alliance Party's Naomi Long takes the third seat, with , votes. A n outgoing Spanish foreign minister has admitted he has little hope of the UK cancelling Brexit. He told BBC Radio 4's World at One programme: "I seriously expect Westminster to listen this time and to understand that actually voters have just with their ballot paper, with their votes, said 'yes, we back these competent, capable, successful candidates, who are now MEPs, they need to come in, they've got experience in negotiation, and they believe in what they're negotiating for'.

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Her party increased its share of the vote, securing While the SNP vote increased from Labour polled less than a 10th 9. A very disappointing night for Conservatives. Some excellent MEPs have lost their seats, some excellent candidates missed out. But Labour have also suffered big losses. It shows the importance of finding a Brexit deal, and I sincerely hope these results focus minds in Parliament. T he final results are in for Scotland and they show strong support for the SNP, along with a victory for the Brexit Party:.

I n another fairly transparent leadership move, Rory Stewart says he is in Borough Market and would like you to come and talk to him about his vision for Britain. J eremy Corbyn has said: "We had a very clear policy all along. He added: "We are listening very carefully to what everyone has to say D ominic Raab, former Brexit secretary and Tory leadership hopeful, has vowed to get rid of the backstop if he becomes party leader:.

There is still time to negotiate a legally-binding Exchange of Letters to give the UK a clear exit from the so-called Backstop of EU laws, over which currently we would have no say. There is still time to change the Backstop for the technological and operational arrangements that would avoid the need for any hard border between Northern Ireland.

These are reasonable, limited, requests. I have the negotiating experience from my time as Brexit Secretary and six years diplomatic experience at the Foreign Office. And Mr Raab said it was time to hold a head-to-head TV debate to decide who is best suited as Tory leader. We need to reflect hard and listen to our members, supporters and voters.

The only way to break the Brexit impasse is to go back to the public with a choice between a credible leave option and remain. But as we move forward on this, we must remain united and able to speak to and for the country as a whole whichever way people voted in G erman Chancellor Angela Merkel's embattled coalition will hold crisis talks today after a thumping in the European elections.

Voters handed her CDU party and its centre-left coalition partner the Social Democratic Party SPD their worst score in European election history, while doubling support for the Greens amid rising fears over global warming. Crucially, the environmental party took more than a million votes - including many from young people - from both the SPD and the CDU.

EU elections: British voter turnout lags behind European average

News weekly Der Spiegel judged that the coalition is "in danger" after Sunday's drubbing. He has warned that the Conservatives risk suffering even heavier losses in a future general election if they do not get on with delivering Brexit. Mr Baker is among those Tory MPs who have doggedly rejected Theresa May's deal - unlike fellow Brexiteer candidates Dominic Raab and Boris Johnson who relented and gave their support at the third reading. He believes this makes him a more credible, true Brexiteer that may have the edge in the leadership race.

However, in an interview with BBC News this morning, he said he needed to go away and think more carefully before confirming whether he would run. On a bookshelf behind him was a photograph of Vladimir Putin, a book about the Russian president and a baseball cap with the slogan Make America Great Again.

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  5. The prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, is a largely powerless figurehead with the unenviable task of mediating between the fractious coalition partners, while Luigi Di Maio, the leader of Five Star, has seen his authority further diminished by the election results. S eeking to clarify his earlier remarks, John McDonnell has tweeted out the following, which suggests that if Labour can't resolve Brexit via a general election it will fall back on a second referendum.

    So people are absolutely clear what I am saying. Of course I want a general election. But I realise how difficult this is to secure. I will do anything I can to block no deal Brexit. So yes if,as likely GE not possible, then I support going back to the people in another referendum. We have to take the time to analyse the EU vote. But, when we come in third after the Brexit party, that is a clue something is wrong with our strategy. We need to listen to our members and take a clearer line on a public vote.

    A n update on John McDonnell's tweet earlier - the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg is told that Labour's position hasn't actually changed and the clue to this is the shadow chancellor referring merely to a "public vote. In other words, Labour still backs either a general election or a second referendum, depending on which way the wind is blowing.

    A nna Soubry has criticised Heidi Allen, the interim leader of Change UK, as a row over tactical voting rumbled on after the party failed to win a single seat at the European Parliament elections. Change UK got off to a bright start after it was formed in February but it has struggled to capitalise on that initial momentum and managed to secure just 3.

    But her preference for tactical voting was met with internal opposition and the plan was not implemented as she threatened to resign over the matter. They're getting louder and louder and now this year is the clear favourite for the next time it will take place," said Coral's Harry Aitkenhead. It was a fantastic night for the Brexit Party and whilst he is odds on now to become an MP after the next election, the party are just to upset the apple cart and gain the most seats," added Mr Aitkenhead.

    Farage would prefer to leave without a deal. While no British leader would allow Farage near EU divorce talks, his proven ability to poach Brexit supporters from both the Conservative and Labour parties will stiffen a belief among leading Conservatives vying to replace May that they must go for a more decisive split from the EU.